About Souq Lemas

"A Brief about Dream Making "

Souq Lemas was born to be belonging to an Arabic lady who founded it with her own fatigued hands. When I was still a child, I made a dream and hid it in my pouch. I got married and gave birth to 7 flowers whom I passionately raised and took care of till they grew up. One day I woke up looking for my dream which I hid somewhere. There was a ray glittering from far away, to which I ran to catch. I took away full of obstacles, challenges, and patience till I was able to grasp it tight in my hands and what I got was a small sprout called LIMAS. I offered this sprout all my care and indulgence to put it in your hands . So that it could continue growing up with your care and kindness.

Lemas Meaning:

Lemas is briefly a flower growing in shallow water, It blooms to be something beautiful and pure, out of a timing and unpleasing soil like the world we live in.

Lemas did really grow up. Yes, it did it, and the dream got to be real.

Lemas offers the woman all that she looks for. Out of all high-quality brands, Lemas comes with various fashion styles which suit the veiled ladies. Lemas adds to its own unique and distinguished touches and chooses the modern lady fashion style – soiree – sleepwear – lingerie- accessories – shoes – bags ..etc.

Lemas chooses for the little princesses their own fashions - best clothes at convenient prices . In this way, Lemas represents itself with its distinction, uniqueness and Arabic and western sense in order to gain the satisfaction of each lady.

You can expect simply now what Lemas is.

Finally, I would thank God whom I will never forget. I thank my dear husband too who was always there supporting me to let my wonderful dream come true. I cannot forget my children too who are still supporting me with their soft and sensible words.

We are pleased to present our market which is at your service. We are committed to dealing with our customers from the moment they order any product until they receive it.

We wish you happy shopping and we wish we could afford you some of your needs. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed through our E-mail and telephone number.


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